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The training Workshop "Advanced methods of Nanostructures fabrication"  was done on 14 of June, 2019
in the University of Stockholm: SU Training Workshop


Stockholm- Team (Prof. Krasnov) presented  the high-level  resolution  technique - Ion Beam Photolithography, but Moldova- Team  (Prof. Sidorenko) presented  novel methods of vaccum deposition of nanostructures.

prof.Krasnov giving the lecture about PIB-technique


prof. Sidorenko and prof. Krasnov  bei the opening of the training


seminar's room with participants of the training workshop


Working exchange visit of IIEN team  in Stockholm University: prof. Anatolie Sidorenko with dr. Andrei Prepelitsa and
PhD Student Elena Kapran during experimental work in Stockholm University, June 2019


Dr. Andrei Prepelitsa​ and PhD student  Elena Kapran  at  measurements of ​ superconducting samples in SU 



Prof. Anatolie Sidorenko and Dr. Andrei Prepelitsa in the "Clean Room" of the Stockholm University.


Training Workshop in Stockholm University from 14 June 2019 

14 June 2019, Stockholm, Sweden

Seminar Hall of the Stockholm University, str. Roslagstullsbacken 2, room А2-1041

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Working visit  in Stockholm University of  the project members from IIEN: prof. Anatolie Sidorenko, dr.Roman Morari , doctorand Vladimir Boian during  experiment at low-temperature​s, June-2019.




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SPINTECH Project of the EU Program "HORIZON-2020"

IEEN Director Anatoly Sidorenko and Evgeny Antropov at the University of Twente, Holland

Анатолий Сидоренко: Мы сейчас живем в той реальности, которая 20-30 лет назад была предсказана фантастами