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Guidelines for authors

Guidelines for authors


The “Moldavian Journal of Physical Sciences” appears quarterly and publishes in English papers referring to original scientific research in physics and related fields, including applications in electronics and technology, material engineering and device physics. A review paper for every issue is planned and short communications with hot news are encouraged.

Papers must be prefaced by a brief abstract in English up to 100 words. Single space of the rows in the manuscript is required.

Authors are invited to send two printed copies of their papers, as well as an electronic record on a 31/4 inches diskette, or by e-mail, in English. The articles will be edited by using WORD for Windows. Chapters must be numbered by using Arabic figures, as follows:

3. Experimental results.

3.1. Results analysis.

3.2. Methods of calculus.

Formulae must be written very clearly and easy-to-read. Do not use non-explained abbreviations. Illustrations and diagrams must be realized on computer drafts (on images). All graphic and text objects must be of very good quality and easy to read. Figures included in the text are preferable.

Reference citations will be presented as follows: author’s forename initial and last name, journal name, volume, page number, year (in parentheses), for example: F.A. Moldovan, S.P. Russu, Phys. Rev. Let. 85, 357 (2000). Complete title, publisher, city and year will be written for book’s author’s name and forename initial, for example: M. Teodorescu, Cooperation in science and technology with Eastern and European countries, Editura Tehnica, Bucuresti, vol. 1, 1992. References into the text will be made within square brackets, for example [7]; reference citation numbers must be made successively, as they appear into the text.

Manuscripts of regular papers should be limited up to 10 pages and will be signed by authors; they also must be marked “Ready to print”. Reviews are limited up to 20 pages. Maximum 4 pages are admitted for short communications. One full page of the journal (size A4) contains 54 rows with 95 characters/row; font size - 12. Page set up: top, left, right – 2,5; bottom – 3,5 cm. The very manuscript which is marked “Ready to print” will be published within 6 months from sending.

The submitted papers must be reviewed by two independent reviewers. The papers must contain original work and have not submitted for publication to any other journal. The papers which have been published previously, as well those accepted to be published in other reviews, will be not be admitted by Editorial Board; the authors have to mention this situation.

Proofs will be sent to authors for checking. Corrections must be restricted to errors since modifications to the text may be charged to the author. The publishers reserve the right to adapt the presentation of an article to conform to our style. After their publishing in our journal, the manuscripts and corresponding illustrations become the property of Editorial Board and will not be returned to the authors. The same for the papers, which have not been admitted for publication. The publishing in our journal is made free of charge.

All rights are reserved by ”Journal”. Any reproduction or dissemination of the information herein, even as excerpts of any extent, is permitted only by written consent of the Editorial Board.

The papers sent for publishing are considered not secret. The authors only are responsible for this in front of their own institutes or employers. Authors have to mention their complete address and telephone, fax number and e-mail.

Papers from around the world can be sent to be published to the following address:

Ghitu Institute of Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnologies, 3/3 Academy St., MD 2028 Chisinau, the Republic of Moldova, tel. (00 37322) 73-70-92; E-mail: vvursaki@gmail.com, E-mail of responsible secretary: sofiadonu@yahoo.com