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Moldavian Journal of the Physical Sciences Year 2002, Volume 1, Number 4


Topical Reviews   top
S. A. Moskalenko, M. A. Liberman, D. W. Snoke, V. V. Botan
Bose-Einstein condensation of excitons in ideal 2D system in strong magnetic field
[pdf] 5
Condensed Matter Theory   top
P.I.Khadzhi, L.V.Arapan
Theory of terahertz radiation generation in the case of resonant excitation of excitons in semiconductors
[pdf] 19
P.I. Khadzhi, O.V. Korovai
Nonlinear surface and guided waves in symmetric three-layer structure due to generation of excitons and biexcitons in semiconductors
[pdf] 25
S.A.Moskalenko, M.A.Liberman
Propagation Hanle effect of quadrupole polaritons in Cu2O
[pdf] 34
V.A.Moskalenko, D.F.Digor, P.Entel, M.I.Vladimir
New approach to three-band model of cuprate superconductors
[pdf] 41
M.E. Palistrant, F.G. Kochorbe
Superconductivity in non-adiabatic systems with magnetic impurity
[pdf] 45
E. Sineavsky, A. Rusanov
Resonant impurity state in parabolic quantum well in the electric field
[pdf] 49
F.G. Paladi, V. J. Gamurari, M. Oguni
Computer simulation studies of structural relaxation in supercooled liquids SiO2 and BeF2
[pdf] 56
F. G. Paladi, V. J. Gamurari, M. Oguni
Effect of annealing in glass-transition region on anomalous generation and extinction of crystal nuclei at very low temperatures in o-benzylphenol and salol
[pdf] 64
Thin Films and Wires   top
S.A. Baranov
Magnetic properties of Co-based microwire
[pdf] 69
S.A. Baranov
Residual stress investigation in cast glass-covered amorphous magnetic microwire by ferromagnetic resonance method
[pdf] 73
G. Buinitskaya, I. Kravetsky, L. Kulyuk, V. Mirovitskii, E. Rusu
Optical second harmonic generation in ZnO film: multiple-reflection effects
[pdf] 77
I.M. Bejenari, V.G. Kantser
Electronic states in Bi quantum wires under applied longitudinal uniform magnetic field
[pdf] 82
Bulk Semiconductors and Dielectric Materials   top
J. Monecke, J. Bezrukova, W. Cordts
Second harmonic generation in porous III-V compounds
[pdf] 89
A.I. Kozlov, S.G.Kozlova, V.V.Sobolev
Anisotropy of optical spectra of tetragonal cadmium diphosphide
[pdf] 92
E. Arushanov
Possible new material candidate for solar cell application
[pdf] 96
Metals, Superconductors and Organic Materials   top
A. Sidorenko
Fractal geometry in superconductivity
[pdf] 102
Condensed Matter Structure and Mechanical properties   top
G. Patrinoiu, L. Patron, M. Gdaniec, P. Bourosh, Yu. Simonov
Synthesis and crystal structure of morpholinebiguanide dihydrochloride monohydrate, [H2Morphbig]Cl2·H2O
[pdf] 106
Solid State Device Physics   top
V.Gladilin, I. Dementiev, S. Dmitriev, A. Melnik, E. Pokatilov
GaAs and CdTe semiconductor monocrystal based spatial light modulators
[pdf] 113
Ya.I. Kerner, N.S. Popovici
Expendable sensor for structure control of environments
[pdf] 117