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Moldavian Journal of the Physical Sciences Year 2002, Volume 1, Number 3


Condensed Matter Theory   top
M.E. Palistrant, F.G. Kochorbe
Effect of nonmagnetic impurity on the superconducting transition temperature in high- Tc materials
[pdf] 5
S. Arapan
Valence subband structure calculations of strained Si1-xGex/Si QW
[pdf] 9
Bulk Semiconductors and Dielectric Materials   top
S. L. Pyshkin
Bound excitons in long-time ordered GaP:N
[pdf] 14
Solid State Device Physics   top
M. Mereuta, S. Bouchoule, I. Sagnes, F. Alexandre, G. Le Roux, H.Sik, J. Decobert, A. Ougazzaden
InGa(N)As/GaAs QW laser structures grown by MOVPE
[pdf] 20
G.Korotcenkov, A.Cerneavschi, V.Brinzari, A.Palagnuk, A.Cornet, J.Morante, A.Cabot, J.Arbiol
Ozone sensing properties of In2O3 films deposited by spray pyrolysis
[pdf] 24
Simulator of impedances with variable character for metrology
[pdf] 28
M. Barduc, E. Bobeico, A. Coval, A. Simashkevich, D. Sherban
Peculiarities of charge transport through p+Si/nSi/SiO2/n+ITO structures
[pdf] 32
A. Samoletov
Chemical synapse as electric junction with unique quantum-like characteristics
[pdf] 36
Thin Films and Wires   top
S.A. Baranov, M. Vazquez , V.S. Larin , A.V. Torcunov , S.I. Sandacci
Magnetic permeability of Co- based glass-coated microwire
[pdf] 40
Th. Schedel-Niedrig, M. Hдvecker, A. Knop-Gericke, P. Reinke, R. Schlцgl, M.Ch. Lux-Steiner
Novel Prospects for a Chemical Characterization of Solid State Surfaces at High Pressure and High Temperature: In situ X-Ray orption Spectroscopy in the Soft Energy Range
[pdf] 44
H. Chiriac, M. Lozovan, Maria Neagu
Galvanomagnetic properties of Co72Fe2B17Si5Mn4 amorphous ribbons
[pdf] 49
N. Sulitanu, F. Brinza
Nanostructured Fe-S films with columnar grains and perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
[pdf] 53
M. Rusu, A. Slaoui
Physical properties of silicon thin films prepared by RT-CVD for photovoltaic application
[pdf] 57
A.M. Andriesh, S.A. Malkov, V.I. Verlan, S.V. Verlan
Electrons and holes localized states in As2S3 and As2Se3 amorphous thin layers
[pdf] 61
A.M. Andriesh, V.I. Verlan
Deposition of CuInSe2 thin layers by electron-beam pulse ablation
[pdf] 65
P. Gashin, A. Focsha, V. Nicorici, T. Potlog
Electrical and luminescent properties of CdSe epitaxial layers
[pdf] 69
N.I. Leporda, A.D. Grozav
Long glass-coated semimetallic and semiconducting wires prepared by two different liquid phase methods
[pdf] 74
Condensed Matter Structure and Mechanical properties   top
I.A. Diacon, S.V. Donu, L.F. Chapurina
Structural particularities of crystals of mixed compounds Cu2(D-Ala)(L-Ala)(L-Ser)2 and Cu2(D-Ser)(L-Ser)(L-Ala)2
[pdf] 82
Polymorphism of coordination compounds with malonic acid
[pdf] 87
Dislocation-disclination mechanism of deformation under microindentation
[pdf] 94
R. P.Zhitaru, N.A.Palistrant, V.A.Rahvalov
The hardening regularities of doped NaCl single crystals under uniaxial compression within the temperature interval 293-773K
[pdf] 104
S. Shova
Structural function of water solvating molecules in crystal structures of m3-oxo-centred carboxylate-bridged triiron complexes
[pdf] 113
General Physics   top
The He atom doubly excited states in an external field
[pdf] 131