Welcome to Ghitu Institute of Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnologies


Head of Laboratory – CONDREA Elena,  PhD

Phone: +373 (22) 73 90 33


Field of Laboratory activity:

  • Technology of superconducting materials: thin films of MgB2 and layered nanostructures superconductor / ferromagnet.
  • Experiments and physics of superconducting nanostructures based on Nb/CuNi: characteristics of interfaces states; re-entrant superconductivity; proximity effect.
  • Elaboration of superconducting electronic and spintronic devices on the basis of the obtained nanostructures.
  • Transport phenomena and magnetic properties of bicrystals, tricristals and nanowires based on the semimetal and semiconductor compounds.

Laboratory staff:

  • Sidorenko Anatolie, Dr. Sci., prof., acad. ASM, principal scientific researcher, tel: +373 (22) 739066, sidorenko@kit.edu  
  • Muntean Fiodor, Dr. Sci., prof., principal scientific researcher tel: +373 (22) 233411, muntean_teodor@yahoo.com  
  • Zdravkov Vladimir, Ph.D., leading scientific researcher,tel: +373 (22) 739066, email: vizdr@mail.ru
  • Prepelita Andrei, Ph.D., senior scientific researcher, tel: +373 (22) 739066, email: prepelita@mail.ru  
  • Morari Roman, Ph.D., senior scientific researcher. tel: +373 (22) 737156, email: morari.roman@gmail.com
  • Donu Sofia, Ph.D., senior scientific researcher, tel: +373 (22) 737092, email: sofiadonu@yahoo.com
  • Penin Alexandr, Ph.D., senior scientific researcher, tel: +373 (22) 737156, email: aapenin@mail.ru
  • Antropov Evghenii, Ph.D., senior scientific researcher, tel: +373 (22) 739066, email: aidjek@gmail.com
  • Smîslov Vladimir,  scientific researcher, tel: +373 (22) 739036, email: myslov@nano.asm.md
  • Iacunin Vladimir, scientific researcher, tel: +373 (22) 739036, email: yakunin@nano.asm.md
  • Iacunin Anton, jr. scientific researcher, tel: +373 (22) 739036, email: yakunin@nano.asm.md
  • Beloţercovschi Igori, scientific researcher, tel: +373 (22) 737088
  • Socrovischiuc Alexei, jr. scientific researcher, tel: +373 (22) 739066
  • Karaghenov Dimitrii, leading engineer, tel: +373 (22) 737072
  • Scutelnic Elena, engineer, tel: +373 (22) 739036, email: elen54@mail.ru
  • Nastasiuc Lucia, engineer, tel: +373 (22) 542950
  • Balaur Andreian,  engineer
  • Croitor Petru, engineer
  • Mustea Serghei, techn., tel: +373 (22) 737088


International projects:

  1. TR11C1.01-02/309 A scientific network for earthquake, landslide and flood hazard prevention - SciNetNatHazPrev (2013-2015), project manager m. cor. A. Sidorenko.
  2. EAP.SFP.984403  Technical Advances to Detect and Remove Contaminants in Water for Safety and Security (2013-2016), project manager m. cor. A. Sidorenko.
  3. STCU 5982Experimental investigation of the proximity effect in layered superconductor/ferromagnet hybrid structures (2015-2016), project manager m. cor. A. Sidorenko.
  4. 4.    Bilateral project Moldova-Poland: Quantum phenomena in interfaces of multicrystals of Bi-Sb in high magnetic fields (PAN-2014-2016), project manager prof. F. Muntean.

Recent publications:


  1. SIDORENKO, A. Fundamentals of superconducting nanoelectronics. Berlin Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag, 2011. 326 p. ISBN 978-3-642-20157-8.

Chapter in monographs:

  1. PENIN, A.;SIDORENKO, A. Transmission of Measuring Signals and Power Supply of Remote Sensors. In: BONCA, J.; KRUCHININ, S., eds. Nanotechnology in the Security SystemsNATO Science for Peace and Security Series C: Environmental Security. Springer, 2014, pp. 267-281. ISBN 978-94-017-9052-9. ISSN 1874-6519.

Research papers:

  1. SIDORENKO, A. Physics, chemistry and biology of functional nanostructures II. Beilstein J. Nanotechnol. 2014, 5, pp. 1218-1219 (IF: 2.326)
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