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About Us

Brief history and basic objectives of the institute's activities

The Institute of the Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnologies "D. Ghitu" is a public organization of science and innovation sphere, founded by the decision of the Government of the Republic of Moldova in 2005 through merging of three Centres: International Laboratory of Superconductivity and Solid State Electronics (LISES), Specialized Bureau for Design and Technology on Solid State Electronics, and Centre of Medical Equipment "Tehmed" of IAP of AS of RM.

Basic objectives of the Institute's activities:

  • Fundamental and applied scientific researches in the field of solid state electronics, technology and engineering of materials and electronic devices, including nanodimensional researches;
  • Engineering of materials, structures, and electronic devices;
  • Elaboration of new methods and physical principles, technologies, and advanced products for national economics;
  • Complex research of electromagnetic radiation influence on living bodies and applied biophysical problems;
  • Design and development on the basis of the carried out scientific researches of high-technology devices and equipment, their implementation in industry, medicine, agriculture, automated systems, computing, power and ecological systems;
  • Formation of skilled human potential in the field of electronic engineering and advanced technologies for solution of social-economic problems and creation of new jobs for highly trained specialists.