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Inventions 2013

Patents MD:

  1. NIKOLAEVA, A.; BODIUL, P.; KONOPKO, L.; TURCAN, A.; STICI, I. Method for recrystallization of bismuth filament in glass insulation. Patent MD 575. 2012.12.31.

  2. PENIN, A.; SIDORENKO, A. Method for transmitting measuring signals through the three-wire direct-current line. Patent MD 692. 2013.10.31.

  3. POPOVICI, N.; GRINCESIN, I. Process for manufacturing a selective photoresistive sensor. Patent MD 630. 2013.04.30.

  4. SAINSUS, Iu.; CONEV, A.; RUSSEV, Iu. Stirling cycle - based heat engine. Patent MD 679. 2013.09.30.

  5. SAINSUS, Iu.; SIDORENKO, A.; CONEV, A.; RUSSEV, Iu.; LEAPIN, V. Assembly for the Stirling cycle -based heat engine. Patent MD 680. 2013.09.30.

  6. SAINSUS, Iu.; SIDORENKO, A.; CONEV, A.; RUSSEV, Iu.; LEAPIN, V.; DIMITRIU, V.; TIGANU, I.; RUSSEVA, M. Cooler for heat engine with Stirling cycle. Patent MD 658. 2013.07.31.

  7. SIDORENKO, A.; ŞIBAEV, A.; GROISMAN, I. Process for presowing treatment of seeds. Patent MD 641. 2013.06.30.

  8. SIDORENKO, A.; ŞIBAEV, A.; GROISMAN. I. Process for treating plants and seeds. Brevet de invenţie MD 663. 2013.08.31.

  9. ZASAVITCHI, E. Superconducting bolometer. Patent MD 689. 2013.10.31.

  10. ZASAVITCHI, E.; SIDORENKO, A. Bolometer. Patent MD 688. 2013.10.31.

International patent :

  1. SAMWER, K.; MOSNEAGA, V.; BELENCIUC, A.; SAPOVAL, O. Aerosolerzeugerduse, Aerosolerzeugersystem, Beschichtungssystem und Verfahren. Patent 10 2007 055 936 DE.